MAPLL × TCP × TL × TaLK (MT3) 2018 is to be held at Keio University from July 28 (Sat) to July 29 (Sun), 2018. MT3 2018 is jointly organized by Mental Architecture for Processing and Learning of Language (MAPLL), Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics (TCP), the technical group of thought and language of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (TL), and Theoretical Linguistics at Keio (TaLK).  This year’s MT3 is partially supported by the Keio Institute of Cultural and Linguistic Studies.

The MAPLL workshop was first launched in early 2000 as a forum intended to foster research on human sentence processing and related areas. It has been an important event for researchers interested in psycholinguistics and the cognitive neuroscience of language. It was held at Hiroshima University, the University of Tokyo, Yamagata University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Kyushu University, Tsuda College,  Waseda University and The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.